To put it simply a personal concierge is a freelance personal assistant. You can use us as much or as little as you want, all the help you need without the full time commitment. Basically, as long as it’s legal we’ll do it! The more common services we provide are dry cleaning runs, gift shopping and grocery shopping and delivery along with meal prep, and yes that includes the dreaded Costco. The best part is we can also be your secret weapon! We will help you pull off a last minute dinner party, get all the last minute Christmas shopping finished or make those treats to send to school and noone needs to know.

But really the sky is the limit. Be creative – or better yet just think to yourself what do I hate doing? Or what am I missing out on due to my never ending to do list? Those are the tasks a concierge is meant to handle. Whether you are in a bind or just putting something off because you hate doing it.

Why did I start my concierge business?

We live in a time where busy is glorified and I think it’s time we slow down. I strongly believe we are meant to enjoy our short time here and most of us don’t realize it until it’s too late. I love that every day I get to help clients spend more time doing what they enjoy in life instead of spending time in lineups and traffic. This can mean something different for everyone. For some it’s more time on the golf course or travelling and for others it just means no more missed kids hockey games.