About me.

I am personal concierge located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
I am here to help you take back your free time by doing tasks like your grocery shopping, picking up your dry cleaning, helping you keep your house organized and even organizing all the birthday parties in your home.

My name is Ashton Prescott and I am the owner of At Your Service Concierge. I started the business after spending years in customer service noting how day-to-day demands on our time can cause exhaustion, frustration and unhappiness. We all have so much going on and trying to balance¬†career, children, friends, family, and aging parents can seem like an impossible feat. We know that it’s important to have time to decompress, but trying to carve out time for ourselves is frequently the last thing on our to-do lists. At Your Service Concierge is my way of helping you put yourself back at the top of your list.

I have traveled extensively and learned that the fast-paced lifestyle in North America, while exciting, takes its toll after a time. Saskatoon is a growing and vibrant community, but I can see how more traffic, activities, events and responsibilities make our lives more hectic. I spoke with people each day, heard stories about their lives and discovered that everyone wished for more time each day. A question formed in my mind:  what if there could be more time in the day for what you really want to do?

My answer was At Your Service Concierge. I offer services to help people get their lives under control. With At Your Service, busy people can exchange their hard work for some real free time. At Your Service Concierge is built on my belief that everyone needs a hand from time to time to take on the world.

If you could use some extra time in your day, get in touch with me. I offer free consultations and a full range of services to tailor service to your specific needs.

Ashton Prescott Personal Concierge
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